Recent ADR related articles include…

“A Guide to Cost-Effective Customer-Focused Arbitrations.”  The on-going dynamics in the evolution of the rules-of-the-road for complex arbitrations implores contracts and transactional attorneys, as well as litigators, to be cognizant of the intertwined ingredients involved in this dispute resolution process.  This article provides a 12-step approach of key components in the deliberative analysis that is required toward an effective ADR clause with a “pitfall avoidance” mindset leading to a successful arbitration process that is cost-effective and expeditious for the contracting parties.  (2011).   Guide

“Conflict Resolution Techniques...The Answer to Legislative Impasses?" an innovative approach for the timely resolution of budget, tax, etc. issues where there is a super-majority voting requirement imposed on state governments, appears in NCMA Contract Management magazine, July 2009.  Gov't Impasse

Advisor to author Gregory Garrett on book, "Contract Negotiations: Skills, Tools, and Best Practices," published by CCH Incorporated, Chicago,  Illinois  (2005).

“Having Trouble Getting to the Negotiation Table?  Try Baseball Arbitration,” a two-part series on incentivizing parties to negotiate, appears in NCMA Contract Management magazine, October and November 2002.
Negotiations Part I
Negotiations Part II

“Preliminary Hearings,” a three-part series on the preliminary hearing process that is associated with the introductory stages of commercial arbitrations appears in NCMA Contract Management magazine, January to March 2002.
Prelim Part I
Prelim Part II
Prelim Part III

Re-publisher for several years of internet provided/distributed ADR developments.  For a no charge subscription send an email to

From 1997 to 2001 lead author of "ADR 'Tips'" published quarterly by American Arbitration Association Dispute Resolution Times, with over 17 series of articles/columns:

"Is ADR 'Mandated' for the Millennium Bug?" SPIDR News, Fall 1999

"Considerations in having a Party-Appointed Arbitrator" SPIDR News, Spring  1999.

Note on "Proposed FAR ADR Policy Change" SPIDR International Sector Newsletter, Spring 1998 and in SPIDR News, Summer 1998 issue under the title, "ADR in the Federal Government."

"Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods to Resolve Government, Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes" (co-author) NCMA Contract Management, July 1997. Prime-Sub

"Improving Customer/Supplier Relationships Through An Alternative Disputes Resolution Clause" American Bar Association General Practice Section Newsletter, May 1997.

"Alternative Dispute Resolution, Recent Initiatives and Techniques for the Professional" (co-author) NCMA Contract Management, January 1997. ADR Professional

"Release Of Escrow Funds Following Arbitration" (co-author) SPIDR News, Spring 1993 with adaptation published under the title, "How To Make Arbitration Awards Binding Escrow Holders" Los Angeles County Bar Association Real Property Section Newsletter, March/April 1993.